May 13, 2021

Does This Company Do A Good Job Of Developing Customers?

What do you think?

There isn't any evidence in the table above that this brand does a good job of Developing Customers. In a Time Lapse Analysis, we should see bigger increases in customer counts at the top of the table than at the bottom of the table.

The two columns at the far right of the table show year-over-year and year-over-two-years-ago indexed gains by customer segment. Most of the gains are in the bottom-middle portion of the table, suggesting that the gains in counts are likely customer acquisition driven.

Gains do happen, however, and are (in this case) driven by the COVID-bump experienced by so many e-commerce brands in 2020. Watch how some of those gains move diagonally from top to bottom, from left to right ... meaning that new customers were acquired and those new customers did not repurchase, thereby fading in customer quality.

Time Lapse Analysis is a key component of your Customer Development work. Be sure to run your Time Lapse Analysis right now ... and if you don't have the resources to do it, contact me ( and I will craft a Customer Development project for you. 

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