November 24, 2020

New Buyers From Here On Out

Most of my project work shows two important facts (yes, there are exceptions):

  1. It is easy to acquire customers from Thanksgiving through Christmas.
  2. Customers acquired between Thanksgiving and Christmas have the worst long-term value.
This is such a challenging balancing act. In general, we don't have the tools to convert the Christmas buyer into a Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr buyer. Heck, the customer doesn't want to be converted.

Most digital marketing analytics packages don't tell you that the Christmas newbie doesn't want to buy again ... software is designed to tell you who converts, not who will convert again.

Tag all of the first-time buyers you acquire over the next five weeks, and watch them going forward. You're going to see the problem in Spring. Then you'll want to develop a credible Welcome Program to solve the problem for Spring 2022.


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