August 19, 2020

Action Table

A few days ago you saw what I called an "Action Table".

The table helps you figure out where/how you implement your Welcome Program.

First of all, you catalogers should be hearing an endless onslaught from your print vendors about Welcome Programs. Your printer should be helping you create (merchandise-centric) personalized print programs that kick-out on-demand for customers in the green cells. Why wait for the normal cadence when your printer can dynamically offer your customers just about anything??? Figure out what the customer bought, figure out what the customer is likely to buy next, and then create your own pieces on-demand. Get busy!!

Second, your email service providers should be all over you about this. They should be demanding that you implement merchandise-centric personalization, trying to get the customer to try EVERYTHING you offer quickly. If you send out five campaigns a week, the campaigns should be personalized based on what the customer purchased in a first order. You should have 2-3 campaigns per week that TEACH the customer what your big annual events are, what you are trying to accomplish, why you are better than your competition, why the customer is better than other customers (yes, tell the customer they are in the Best Segment ... thank the customer!).

If you have a Loyalty Program and the customer can be a member of the program with $400 in annual spend ... well ... TELL the customer about it. Get the customer moving toward $400 ... give the customer a push.

Put a person in charge of Welcome Programs.
  • Director of Customer Acquisition.
  • Director of Welcome Programs.
  • Director of Customer Loyalty.
Put your digital campaigns (search, social) under the Customer Acquisition person.

Put the majority of your personalization efforts under the Welcome Program professional. You can make a strong argument that email should be under this individual's purview.

Put targeting, email, loyalty etc. under your Customer Loyalty professional

Get busy doing something!!!

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