April 16, 2020

Email Example from Gardener's

Click right here immediately (yeah, right now). My wife received the email from Gardener's this week ... I don't subscribe as the garden isn't in my purview. Pickleballs and paddles are in my purview.

When I harp on storytelling and selling, this is what I mean.

The email message is so elegant. One Twitter follower told me, "it's a solution in a box."

Now, I get it. It is MUCH EASIER to slap together a 40% off plus free shipping offer and then demand that the customer click on a box that says SHOP NOW. Much, much easier. Easy to tell the customer that you have 177 new items. Hard to assemble the new items in a way that yields an elegant message.

Five years ago the marketing folks would have called this "curation". It goes so far beyond that. This is what Creative teams used to do in the 90s before the analytics folks and digital folks ran them out of companies.

Do something like this once a week. Do it every Thursday. Build a tradition. Hire somebody (people are unemployed, in case you haven't noticed) and tell them to create elegant solutions. Stop micromanaging people, let them create, and see where their creativity takes your customer.

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