November 05, 2019

Diagnosing Thanksgiving - Cyber Monday

In my projects, I take the "Day Before Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday" window and analyze it separately from the rest of November/December.

Here's actual data ... what do you see happening with this brand during the Thanksgiving - Cyber Monday window?

First of all, the brand is imploding. Regardless, what is happened in 2018? Demand shifted out of November, bleeding into Thanksgiving / Cyber Monday and the rest of December.

It looks like Thanksgiving / Cyber Monday window is likely cannibalizing business from earlier in November, doesn't it? Now if you are lowering prices to make magic happen here, well, God help you, because you are just throwing away Gross Margin / Profit dollars in an effort to help a trade journalist earn clicks. Congrats!!!

Tomorrow we'll look at pricing data in relation to the Cyber Monday window.

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