July 01, 2019

Retail Struggles

This week it's all about articles, given that July 4 is coming and nobody is paying attention to anything anyhow, #amirite?

So read this (click here) ... an article about retail challenges.

There's a lotta lather out there about fixing retail, especially fixing retail by being "more digital". My goodness. We've had 20 years of retail evolution, with the pundits telling us to create digitally integrated experiences. Retailers listened. It resulted in a near death experience for modern retail.

Ask yourself if it is possible that "digital" is exactly opposite of what retail needs?? Of course that statement is wrong ... but that should lead you to a more important question ... that one being "How much digital and what aspects of digital does retail truly need?" It's obvious that the "digital dose" of medicine given to retail has been harmful to retail.

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