March 13, 2019

Describe Your Plan, Part 3
Let's say you inherit this type of business:
  • -6% Overall Merchandise Productivity.
  • -2% New Merchandise Productivity.
  • -11% Existing Merchandise Productivity.
  • -20% New + Reactivated Buyer Comps.
  • 100,000 12 month buyers last year, 40% rebuy rate, 40,000 active buyers.
  • 47,000 new + reactivated buyers last year.
This is one of the most common situations the new marketing leader inherits ... EVERYTHING is broken.

What this business desperately needs is a Leader.

That's where you come into play.

You need to have a plan for every one of the Great Eight.

You don't have a choice ... this business is fundamentally broken. You will address all eight tactics, and you will communicate clearly to every employee in the company that every single aspect of the business is broken and is FIXABLE!!!!

You are going to be the hero.

Get busy fixing things!

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