March 12, 2019

Describe Your Plan, Part 2
Let's say you inherit a marketing team, and your business possesses the following dynamics:
  • +8% Overall Merchandise Productivity.
  • +9% New Merchandise Productivity.
  • +7% Existing Merchandise Productivity.
  • -18% New + Reactivated Buyer Comps.
  • 100,000 12 month buyers last year, 40% rebuy rate, 40,000 active buyers.
  • 50,000 new + reactivated buyers last year.
What does this tell you?
  • Your merchandising team is doing a fabulous job.
  • The prior marketing leader messed up the business, bad.
Your first job is to fix customer acquisition. Period. Your marketing strategy is the problem. You are the problem. And in a month or so, you'll be the one blamed for business not meeting expectations.

It's on you to fix this problem, asap.

You'll focus on the following.
  • Audience.
  • Awareness.
  • Acquisition.
  • Optimization (i.e. search and offline advertising).
Quite honestly, this business is being held back by one person ... and that person is you. It doesn't matter what your predecessor did, you run marketing now and if you don't fix this problem, everybody suffers.

Get busy!!

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