June 03, 2018

It's Time For The Next Run Of The MineThatData Elite Program!!!

For just $1,800 (and $1,000 ongoing thereafter) you get my standard comp segment analysis, rolling twelve-month analysis, annual view of key customer metrics, and in this run ... you get a pricing analysis. I'll look at your customer base, dividing it into customers who buy at low price points, average price points, and high price points. Then, I'll measure whether your customer base is willing to make changes, or I'll measure the fact that your customers are stuck in various price bands and are unwilling to move.

Key Deadlines:
  • Decide to participate by June 10.
  • Data to me no later than June 20.
  • Results forwarded no later than July 4.
  • Send five years of purchase history (I'll forward you the file format if you are interested).

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