January 08, 2018


I know, I know, you HATE this quadrant. HATE. IT!!!

Can I show you something that Amazon cannot compete against ... something that makes a business Unique?

First of all, watch the video (click here).

Second, read the press release (click here).

This is part of being Unique. Ups and Downs. 

Amazon cannot ever hope to compete against what I just shared with you. They're feckless against it. Feckless. If you've ever owned a pet, this resonates, doesn't it?

It's this kind of stuff that, if we choose to be Unique we have to do. There is a version of this that applies to your business. Heck, there might be ten different versions of this that apply to your business. Pursue 'em. Pursue 'em consistently. With passion!! Try it for four consecutive years. Do it at the same time that you clean up everything that you need to clean up to potentially SELL and you may find that you instead move into the UNIQUE quadrant and have no reason to SELL whatsoever.

That's how this stuff works.

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