January 07, 2018


If I asked a hundred readers if you belonged in this quadrant, maybe five would say "yes".

If I looked at a hundred independent catalog brands, I'd argue that 70 are already in this quadrant, they just don't know it yet.

There's nothing wrong with being in this cell. This is the cell where you optimize your business - you're already doing this on a daily basis.
  • Use tactics to grow your annual repurchase rate.
  • Improve your efforts with Google / Facebook / Catalog Co-Ops.
  • Test optimal email strategies.
  • Develop the best catalog contact strategy.
  • Improve online conversion rates and mitigate conversion losses via mobile.
  • Front-load each catalog with winning items and winning creative.
  • Measure and then improve lifetime value, allowing you increase customer acquisition activities.
  • Reduce return rates.
  • Increase response/conversion.
  • Improve gross margins.
  • Increase merchandise productivity.
All of the tactical stuff helps improve the health of your business ... so when the day finally comes when ownership wants to sell, the company will appear healthy and will be on stable footing.

As mentioned above, 70 out of 100 catalogers are currently in this quadrant. They're never going to "Scale", they don't want to be "Unique", and they don't have the resources to acquire other companies. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being in this quadrant - there's a fortune to be made here ... go do something positive!!

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