January 28, 2018

Bose Headphones + iPhone

So I get a new iPhone. No headphone jack. This yields two possible solutions.

  1. Simply connect the headphones to the phone via bluetooth by turning on the noise cancelling switch on the headphones.
  2. Connect an audio cord to the Bose headphone. Then connect an audio adapter to the iPhone. Finally, we connect the audio cord from the Bose headphones to the iPhone audio adapter. Then I turn on the same switch that I use for the bluetooth connection on the headphones to enable noise cancellation.
(2) is what is called "omnichannel" in our industry. The future is "connected" to the past, and is done so in an allegedly "seamless" manner.

Which represents the future above ... (1) or (2)?

Our businesses struggle to move forward when we're constantly trying to convince a customer that (1) above is the "right" solution.

Why do we try to convince the customer that (1) is the "right" solution? And I'm not saying Bose is trying to do that, they aren't trying to do that. We try to do that with our businesses. We try to convince the customer that receiving a catalog on Monday followed by five email messages that support what is in the catalog followed by a website presentation that is aligned with the catalog coupled with an Instagram presence that aligns with the catalog is "right".

It's not "right". It's simply (1) above.

Now if your career depends upon (1) above ... well, you'll fight to defend it, won't you?

And that's the issue with our businesses. Our careers frequently depend upon protecting the past.

Tomorrow we'll begin to discuss this topic.

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