November 12, 2017

Something Very Different This Week

Back on September 14, I published the MineThatData Forecasting Challenge (click here).
  • More than 1,200 of you read the post.
  • More than 300 of you downloaded the worksheet.
  • 4 of you submitted a solution.
Four (4) of you submitted a solution.

It's a missed opportunity for those who provide services - those who could benefit from some free exposure.

This week, I'm giving each submission (deserved) attention. From Tuesday - Friday, you'll get to read each solution.

Take a few minutes each day to read each solution. Look at how each team/individual approached the problem, for that is far more important than the outcome derived.

Forecasting is an important topic for 2018. We completely nuked the "omnichannel era" of 2012 - 2016 - our inability to forecast what will happen caused us to be way too optimistic. Now we need to accurately forecast where 2018 and beyond is headed. That's why I think Hillstrom's Optimizer is the most popular offering I've introduced since 2013 (Merchandise Forensics).

Come back tomorrow, and we'll go through the first of four results from brave individuals/teams who chose to do the hard work, ok?

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