November 09, 2017

Conference Revenue

Yes, a conference is going to make sure you get to attend for free, as long as you sit there and absorb a whole bunch of vendor content.

Can I tell you a brief story? Back in the day, I was a young, dumb professional on vacation. I was broke. And in an effort to save a few dollars on a hotel room, I agreed to sit through some stupid timeshare presentation ... mind you, I couldn't afford a hotel room, but somehow I might be able to afford to purchase a timeshare if I sit through a presentation so that I am allowed to spend less on a hotel room?

Conferences moved in two separate directions.
  1. Vendor-Driven and Entertainment-Focused and Big.
  2. Important Information and Attendee-Focused and Small.
Choose your conference attendance carefully. Your attendance validates the business model employed by the conference organizer.

P.S.:  This article about "the missing years" in US Soccer (click here) is completely relevant to your business ... in my project work, I continually observe "missing years" where the merchants failed to introduce enough new items ... and the decision haunts the company for the following 4-5 years. New Merchandise is really important. How much time do you spend analyzing New Merchandise?

Speaking of Omnichannel Theory

Have you ever purchased something from Apple? Apple are Visual Merchandising experts. You might buy a lightning cable and you instead...