October 03, 2017

Fancy New Project Pricing Page

I'm getting a lot of feedback these days regarding the specific project work I complete for my client base ... feedback like "What Exactly Do You Do, Kevin?"

Well, you can wonder no more ... here's a dedicated page designed to help you understand what I do and what various project work costs (click here).

The most popular projects in calendar 2017:

  1. Buying a Company / Selling a Company. A ton of Private Equity projects this year, as catalog brands look to be acquired.
  2. Hillstrom's Fix It! You can buy the book if you don't want a formal project completed (click here). The framework allows the client to understand why a business is not meeting expectations (hint - the challenge is usually related to merchandise productivity).
  3. Hillstrom's Optimizer (you will learn a lot about this over the next three weeks, stay tuned). It's a methodology designed to identify the optimal marketing spend across channels to foster five year profitability and growth.

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