October 03, 2017

Fancy New Project Pricing Page

I'm getting a lot of feedback these days regarding the specific project work I complete for my client base ... feedback like "What Exactly Do You Do, Kevin?"

Well, you can wonder no more ... here's a dedicated page designed to help you understand what I do and what various project work costs (click here).

The most popular projects in calendar 2017:

  1. Buying a Company / Selling a Company. A ton of Private Equity projects this year, as catalog brands look to be acquired.
  2. Hillstrom's Fix It! You can buy the book if you don't want a formal project completed (click here). The framework allows the client to understand why a business is not meeting expectations (hint - the challenge is usually related to merchandise productivity).
  3. Hillstrom's Optimizer (you will learn a lot about this over the next three weeks, stay tuned). It's a methodology designed to identify the optimal marketing spend across channels to foster five year profitability and growth.

National Mail Order Catalog Day

Did you know that Saturday was National Mail Order Catalog Day? The junk mail never stops. Why would it? Happy #NationalMailOrderCat...