August 21, 2017

Stranger Things Popup Store

When a niche television show on Netflix has a popup store in Chicago, something is wrong with our approach to business.

Here's a link to the popup store ... which will be open through the end of September (click here).

It's another example of a low-cost / no-cost customer acquisition strategy.

We cannot keep blaming Executives for not being creative - we have to convince Executives why creativity is necessary. If our "story" is boring and numbers-based and uninspiring, well, how can we blame the Executive for going to the Google / Facebook / Co-Ops again and again and again?

P.S.: Here's the other part of the story. We've de-emphasized creative teams to the point where they aren't creative teams, they're implementation teams. They implement imagery and copy ... they aren't doing anything creative. We got to this outcome when we demanded that every single aspect of creative has to pay for itself. We spent the past decade driving creative folks out of the business, and as a result there aren't any creative ideas, and then that leads to tepid performance.

P.P.S: What would your popup store look like? Could you sketch it out? What would the 10-20 featured products be? How would you staff it? How much would you have to sell to generate a profit? What geography would make the most sense ... urban vs. suburban vs. rural ... West Coast or East Coast or Midwest or Southeast or Somewhere Else (maybe in the upside down - yes, that's a Stranger Things reference)? Fashion mall or strip mall? Why not put together a business plan for your popup store and present it to somebody and see what happens? What's the worst thing that could happen - somebody says no to you? You've survived that one before, right?

P.P.P.S: We can make a page SEO friendly ... but the page doesn't have compelling product / copy / imagery. So when you put together your popup store business plan, make sure you have a compelling reason for the customer to stick around after you've created the awareness to get the customer to your website.

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