August 20, 2017

I Get Emails I Should Not Get!!

I have no idea what is going on with "some" vendors - but this summer, vendors are sending me emails (by mistake) THAT I SIMPLY SHOULD NOT SEE!

Here's how this works:
  • Email Should Be Delivered To KEVINSMITH@VENDOR.COM.
  • Instead the sender types KEV and my email address comes up and they plug my email address in by mistake.
  • Email is delivered to me and not to the vendor employee who should receive it.
And then I get to see stuff THAT I SIMPLY SHOULD NOT SEE.

I wouldn't bring this up ... BUT IT KEEPS HAPPENING.

And if your vendor does not have the discipline to audit an email address, how can you have confidence that your vendor can audit the actual work they're doing for you?

I get to see how your vendor is ripping you off.

I get to see the criticisms your vendor lobs at you, behind your back, to your vendor partner co-workers.

Worst of all - I get to see some of the innovations you are implementing, innovations you don't want me (or anybody else) to know about.

I'm begging you, the reader, to hold your vendors accountable. Your vendors are, in so many cases, mocking you behind your back (and I'm sure you do the same to some of your vendor partners).

Two years ago, I wrote a booklet called "Hillstrom's Vendor Academy" ... the booklet outlined a process I used at Nordstrom to score and evaluate vendors, and then hold vendors accountable (click here). In the two months after the release, I sold fewer than 10 booklets. FEWER THAN 10!!! I'll sell 10 booklets a day of new releases for a fair amount of time. It told me that you, the reader, do not care about holding your vendor partners accountable.

Given the emails I'm getting (by mistake) from your vendor partners, it is time for you to care.

What are you going to do about this issue?

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