August 22, 2017


Take a look at the line outside of the store.

It's 102 degrees at 5:49pm in Glendale, AZ. And they're standing outside, waiting to get into a VIP event where they can save $30.

How many of your customers would stand outside in 102 degree heat at 5:49pm on a Sunday evening in Late Summer ... to support an event you hosted?

We went in the wrong direction.

We invested our energy learning how to target a customer (and didn't do a good job) ... with CRM and then "Social CRM" and then "Personalization" and then "Engagement" and then "Content" followed by "Relevancy" we built a series of skills ... and we spent the better part of a decade honing these skills.

One problem.

We spent almost no time on creating events that people would spend time standing in line for in 102 degree heat at 5:49pm on a Sunday night in Late Summer.

Be honest - look at your job ... how much time do you spend on technical skills ... and how much time do you spend creating events that cause people to stand outside on a 102 degree Sunday evening in Late Summer?

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