July 09, 2017

Amazon Prime Day is July 11

They've created a fake holiday - their own personal Super Bowl.

They get their sellers to promote the event for them (that's a low-cost / no-cost customer acquisition program).

They advertise the "event" all over the place. TV commercials with corgis. Radio - you can't get away from it on radio. RADIO for crying out loud.

You tell me you hate what Amazon is doing to your business. You know what they are doing? They are TRYING.

If you want to see the future, look at what the folks in Sports and Politics are doing. They create "events", and they hype the living daylights out of the events. "TRUMP AND THE G20" ... that's an event, and it gives cable TV and talk radio pundits three days of endless (and pointless) content. Baseball has their All Star Game this week - there were weeks of discussion prior about who made the team and who "should have" made the team. Soccer has their Gold Cup that leads to next year's World Cup. NASCAR is building up to their Playoffs, which start in mid-September.

Heck - your local weather person hypes the day ... "IT IS A TORCON 6 FOR AMES TODAY" and then it builds with a "Tornado Watch" and then the clouds build and darken and then there are SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNINGS and unfortunately the rogue tornado forms and the storm chasers are there to cover the carnage. Again, an event predicted in advance is hyped and covered.

Amazon has Prime Day - and they're promoting the living daylights out of it.

Explain why our industry just sits in place and grumbles that Amazon is taking over the world?

I mean, at least they are TRYING something.

Nordstrom generates Christmas-like sales from their Anniversary Sale, which begins momentarily.

What is the event(s) you put all of your marketing muscle behind?

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