July 06, 2017

How Can You Live There?

Here's how recent conversations have gone.

Friend: How can you live there?

Kevin: In Phoenix?

Friend: Yes! I heard it was 106 yesterday.

Kevin: It was 107.

Friend: Seriously, dude! You're nuts.

Kevin: Have you ever been to Phoenix?

Friend: No. But you're still nuts.

The same type of conversation happens when I am in New England, talking to catalogers about Duluth Trading Company. "They" are in Wisconsin, and therefore any discussion about Duluth Trading Company is stupid, because they aren't in New England where (some) catalogers thrive. Things that apply to Duluth Trading Company do not apply to brands in Vermont or Maine. You're "nuts" to recommend anything about a company not in New England.

And yet, some folks in New England won't even bother to read a 10-K or 10-Q statement about Duluth Trading Company. No interest in learning, for free.

We all perceive things one way, and even if we have no reason to have a perspective on a topic, we form a perspective on the topic.

Might our perspective be wrong?

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