May 21, 2017

The MineThatData Elite Program: New Direction For June

I'm going to try something different this June.

Instead of the typical Elite Program analysis comparing comp segment performance and new+reactivated buyer performance, I am going to give Elite Program participants a chance to "experiment" in the new research I'm performing for clients.

Here's what you will get.
  1. Your typical comp segment performance and new + reactivated buyer performance.
  2. No aggregated results as has been common over the past two years.
  3. A five year file forecast coupled with a historical view of how your customer file evolved over the past few years.
In my projects, I am seeing interesting trends involving the "evolution of the online business". In other words, things are happening - business is changing - and the impact on the future of the "brands" we manage is something we need to understand.

Remember last month when I shared with you how various businesses were evolving and changing? This was an example where a store closed (please visit the website if the .gif doesn't work via email).

This was another case where a business was evolving/changing over time.

In this case, the traditional catalog business and products associated with the traditional catalog business were being de-emphasized, coupled with significant changes in promotional rhythm. The red cells were where there were many customers - and in the upper right portion of the image those cells had good customer value (and were being strategically shrunk-down over time).

So we'll do something different this time.
  1. Existing Members pay the $1,000 fee they've always paid.
  2. This time, non-Elite members will pay $1,800 for this run, and $1,000 going forward.
  3. I'll run the comp segment analysis per usual.
  4. I will show you how your file has evolved over time.
  5. I will show you how your file is going to evolve over the next five years.
Contact me right now ( for details for the June run!

P.S.:  I understand that budgets are tight ... that's why I'm doing something like this. You pay virtually nothing, I tell you how your business is evolving and then share with you where your business is headed. What's not to like about that?

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