May 22, 2017

And You Get The Five Year Forecast

When you join this run of The MineThatData Elite Program, you get the following.
  1. Your comp segment analysis for the past few years.
  2. File evolution over the past few years - explaining how your business is changing behind the scenes.
  3. A five year forecast for where your business is headed.
Yesterday we talked about file evolution. Today we'll briefly discuss where your business is headed.

This is the base-case for a business, and it doesn't look good, does it?

This is what needs to happen for this business to grow at a healthy clip ...

New buyer counts need to "go nuts" (in red) for the business to grow at a reasonable rate.

With the file evolution analysis and the five year forecast, it's hard to figure out what would stop you from participating in this round.
  1. Comp Segment Analysis.
  2. File Evolution.
  3. Five-Year File Forecast
  4. Existing Clients = $1,000.
  5. New Clients = $1,800 for this run, then you are in at the $1,000 level going forward.
Contact me to participate ( ... I will share file formats and expectations with you.

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