May 23, 2017

Late To The Game On Craftsy

Not sure how I missed this one over the past half-decade, but that's the point of this post.

Click here to visit Craftsy ... sold to NBC Universal for a reported $230,000,000.

Videos / Tutorials / Commerce.

Mind you, anybody could have done this.

I mean, who wouldn't want to take a quilting class with Kate Colleran (click here)? You mean you don't know who Kate Colleran is? Neither do I! And that's the point. Who are the stars in your industry? And why don't you have relationships with the stars in your industry? What's stopping you?

Now, the reported sale price suggests that late investors aren't getting all their money back. Pay close attention, dear readers, as e-commerce brands are being sold right and left. Customer Acquisition is drying up. Google/Facebook have locked it up, and you don't get a key to the lock (but you do get to pay to have the key turned every day). Facebook owns Awareness, Google owns Intent, and Amazon owns your Product Category. The only way to beat that is to do something unique and special, something that isn't easily copied.

It's your job to beat Google/Facebook/Amazon. That's why you are being paid a credible salary.

And there are enough "Craftsy" style brands out there to demonstrate that there is a path to the future.

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