February 05, 2017

Podcast Week: Seincast

I have talked for nearly two years about the importance of having your own unique point of view - one that allows you go attract new customers at virtually no cost. There's been a common refrain in the feedback I receive.
  • "That won't work for us - our business is unique, and our business is special. Do you have any other ideas, preferably a channel where we can pay a small amount while generating a big return on investment, one that other people haven't discovered yet, kthanks?!"
Well, we all know that approach doesn't work - for if it did, we'd all be doing it and we'd be rolling in cash.

So this week, I'm going to try something different. I'm going to pick out five podcast series you can listen to - folks who are broadcasting a unique point of view and generating listeners at low cost / no cost.

The hosts are in the process of broadcasting their thoughts about every one of the +/- 180 episodes of Seinfeld. They play clips, they read from the script of the episode, and they offer commentary on their personal lives as well as providing in-depth discussions about the characters in the TV show. If you have watched the show, you'll appreciate all of the callbacks from prior (and future) episodes.

Why share this?

Because the hosts are putting their spin on a popular television show, and it's strangely compelling to listen to if you follow the show.

Now pretend you are Country Curtains (click here). Your merchandising vendors are like the TV show ... and you as a marketer are like the hosts on Seincast. It's your job to bring their product to life. You can create an entire world around the merchandise you sell - the characters who provide the merchandise you sell. To some extent, Country Curtains does this via their blog (click here). But there are so many ways that Country Curtains could bring this information to life, creating a unique point of view in the process that enables Country Curtains to acquire customers at low cost / no cost.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's podcast recommendation.

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