February 06, 2017

Podcast Week: Men in Blazers

The duo in the podcast mix pop culture and the English Premier League on a weekly basis. Part of their skill involves creating narratives out of essentially nothing - be it pointing out how referee Mark Clattenberg can literally take over a match and make it about him instead of about the players or taking a sad nap after Everton loses a match (after listening to Fast Car by Tracy Chapman of course).

Their podcast and appearances on SiriusXM and the 2014 World Cup resulted in their own TV show on the NBC Sports Network.

How does this relate to what you do? How does this relate to having a unique point of view that results in finding new customers at low cost / no cost?

Say you are the birding enthusiasts at Duncraft (click here). They're selling a lot of products that support a passion for birding. There's no reason they couldn't create a weekly narrative around birders seeking to achieve a Big Year (click here), right? There's a hint that Duncraft is interested in the topic - see this blog post from late 2015 (click here). But instead of one blog post, why not make a weekly deal out of this, reaching out to those who are shooting for 700 birds in a year, bringing the personalities to life?

I know, I know, there's a thousand reasons why folks shouldn't do this ... but low cost / no cost customer acquisition tied to a unique point of view is one reason why we should do this, don't you think?

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