June 06, 2016

Catalog Housefile Orders

What aligns with catalog housefile orders?

3rd-5th orders.

6th-10th orders.

High Prices.

Product Category 06.

So let's think about customers who want to purchase from Product Category 06 ... customers with four historical purchases. That customer gets the catalog, the catalog has high prices, so the customer heads out to search / affiliates / email and purchases multiple items via discounts/promotions.

This is a classic issue in modern omnichannel marketing. For this brand, catalogs are sent to customers who are becoming more and more loyal ... the catalogs have high prices, so some customers purchase via high price points ... but other customers go online to find "the truth". Channels are working together, sure, but the way channels are working together erode customer trust and erode brand profitability.

Homework Assignment: Tell me what you see regarding Flash Sales.

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