June 07, 2016

Flash Sales

Where do Flash Sales fit in this brand ecosystem?

Well, customers ordering for the 6th - 10th time and 11th - 25th time align with Flash Sales. In other words, loyal buyers are the ones taking advantage of Flash Sales. Odds are these aren't full price purchases either, right?

We've seen an evolution of the customer ... first purchase via print ads and low prices ... 2nd - 5th purchases via email / affiliates / search with discounts/promotions ... then 6th - 25th purchases align with either high priced items in catalogs or via flash sales at average price points.

This is clearly an incentive-driven customer, with only the catalog buyer being willing to pay full freight.

Homework Assignment:  Tell me something about the most loyal buyers / those with 26+ orders.

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  1. They're relatively distant from any promotional efforts on the marketer's end - likely come back on their own and purchase average priced items. Affinity toward subscription more than other groups, as might be expected with whale users.


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