January 26, 2016

Brand Response Marketing And Direct Marketers

So you are saying you are different ... you are unique ... you are special ... you cater to a different customer ... a customer who could care less about Instagram. You don't have time to be a Brand Response Marketer ... you have to get a customer to purchase today to make your quarterly numbers.

You need a different set of answers, and preferably, you want me to give you the answers for free. You deserve free advice that enables you to earn your salary.

Take a look at the Paula Young home page (I know, I know, fewer than half your customers arrive at your home page ... do you want me to dump 12,000 Paula Young landing page images in this post?). This is an example of Direct Response Marketing. Every message is designed to get a purchase TODAY. 80% off clearance. SAVE on your favorite styles. SALE items. The best merchandise is on SALE. FREE standard shipping. 150% price guarantee.

When you don't have a low cost customer acquisition program in place and/or a Brand Response Marketing Team, you are forced into a corner.
  1. Your merchandise must stand out from the competition and be fundamentally better than the competition.
  2. And/Or your pricing has to be better than everybody else.
  3. And/Or your promotions have to be better than everybody else.
  4. And/Or you have to pay a gate keeper (Google, Co-Ops, Facebook, Retargeters) for access to customers.
  5. And/Or you must stay one step ahead of every competitor who copies what you do within twenty-four hours.
Since (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) are so difficult to do on a consistent basis, and since your customer isn't going to respond the way a customer < age 50 responds, you have no choice but to do something else.

Tell me what your online conversion rate is? We know it is probably well under ten percent. This means you have an opportunity to leverage Brand Response Marketing Techniques (#BRMT) with the 90% of visitors who will not purchase. Some would call this "engagement". I don't. Engagement ends up being a lowest-common-denominator tactic to astroturf repeat visitation. The Brand Response Marketing Team leverages low-cost activities on your website to keep customers coming back.

Like Crutchfield ... they utilize experts to overcome Instagram weakness ... with the end result (hopefully) being similar. Maybe this works, maybe this doesn't work. At least they have somebody who resembles a Brand Response Marketer who tries to leverage customer service as a Customer Acquisition strategy.

If you are an older brand ... a catalog and/or direct mail brand in particular, you really need to think about using your website as Brand Response Marketing channel ... you capitalize on the million(s) of visitors you have each year who never convert in the short term.

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