January 25, 2016

Voodoo Doughnut

Here's an example of Brand Response Marketing.

Take a look at Voodoo Doughnuts (click here to see them on Instagram). A handful of locations and more than 12,000 followers.

The Direct Response Marketer would leverage copy and offers to demand that the customer buy a tasty treat immediately (act now and get 20% off on a maple bar ... sugary frosting resting on top of a light, gluten free cake, and not just for breakfast anymore).

The Brand Marketer would create a beautiful image of a non-descript bear claw and then wonder why the image didn't go viral.

The Brand Response Marketer re-imagines merchandise (this is important) ... then tells an interesting story via merchandise and imagery and content ... and does not demand payment RIGHT NOW.

I mean, how is it that a tiny doughnut brand has nearly ten times as many followers as Crutchfield (click here)? Crutchfield is a credible business, right? Buried under snow, but a credible business.

There is a strong correlation between an outstanding low-cost customer acquisition program and a highly competent Brand Response Marketing team.

How many people are employed in Brand Response Marketing efforts at your company?

Who at your company has the creative chops to do what the folks at Voodoo Doughnuts do?

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