May 04, 2015

Ok, You Succeeded - You Acquired A Paid Search Buyer

There it is ... your online marketing manager clinks a glass of champagne with the paid search vendor ... as yet another customer has been acquired via paid search. Where is this customer headed in the next year?

Where does nearly half of future purchase probability lie? Search! No wonder Google makes money. The customer is more likely to buy via search than to buy via your own website, in this instance. You want access to this customer (your customer)? Pay Google.

We all manage businesses, and those businesses are part of a big 'ole bubbling ecosystem. Do you understand why the omnichannel community wants you to "do everything"? They get paid, that's why! That's why Google wants to demonstrate the link between search and mobile and your in-store retail sales ... you'll pay them for access to your own customer!

You are actively shifting future customer trajectory via your own marketing actions. Every day, you feel excited to go into work and make magic happen. When you acquire the paid search customer, you make magic happen ... for Google. They key, then, is whether you can earn enough profit for your own business while helping Google achieve world dominance.

In the table, 43.5% of subsequent purchases come in via search. This means that you're going to rack up future expense, aren't you? With another 2.5% via affiliates and 5.2% via Amazon, you're up to 51.2% of future purchases with an associated toll.

Tolls pop up everywhere. For the cataloger, co-ops represent a toll. For the cataloger with a strong online marketing program, you mail co-ops names (toll) and then the customer visits Google (toll) and then the customer puts an item in the shopping cart and you don't want the customer to leave so you offer 20% off plus free shipping (toll) and then the customer visits an affiliate and finds a better offer (30% off plus free shipping), and uses the better offer (toll) and then you pay the affiliate for the order (toll).

Omnichannel marketing is all about tolls. You are asked to pay a lot of tolls. Do you get the sales necessary to cover the cost of the tolls and have profit left? That's what we need to focus on.

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