February 05, 2015

NEMOA Buzzwords - Depicted Graphically

I took each session offered at NEMOA next month, and depicted the buzzwords used to describe the session in two dimensions (a Principal Components Analysis, for those of you who want to give this a try). Each buzzword had to be listed in at least three of the twenty-three sessions I graded (click on the image to read the buzzwords).

I added two words ... if a brand/client was presenting, I added the word "CLIENT" to the buzzword list ... if a vendor was presenting (as was the case in 17 of the 23 session I graded), I added the word "VENDOR" to the buzzword list.

Now, this analysis is only relevant to one conference, and is only relevant to what the conference organizers chose to focus on, and is only relevant to the copy written in the conference literature.

Regardless, I like to look at "opposites":
  • Omnichannel / Strategy / Sales is opposite of Best Practices / Merchandise.
  • Content / Traffic / Acquisition / Engagement / Brand / Digital / Customers / Catalog is opposite of Analytics / Testing / Attribution.
The opposites tell us how we think about concepts. It's hard to force testing upon somebody who cares about brand. It's hard to get folks to focus on merchandise when they are passionate about omnichannel.

If you were running this conference, you'd probably want to measure "who" attends each session ... the analysis would tell you the type of individual (Executive, Director, Manager, Analyst, Client, Vendor, Marketing, Merchandising, Creative, Online, Circulation) who cares about various topics, allowing you to craft a more interesting conference in the future.

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