January 22, 2014

It's Here! Hillstrom's Contact Strategy

Here's your chance to see how I determine the optimal number of catalogs and email campaigns.

In "Hillstrom's Contact Strategy", I explain, soup-to-nuts, how I optimize the annual number of catalog mailings, and the optimal number of email contacts (both at a customer level), given the interaction between catalogs, emails, and paid search.

Yup - you train your customers to use paid search, and you pay your search vendor $$$. Worse, you add ad-cost to your catalogs - and your email campaigns. Yes, your email campaigns! They're no longer free - they now require the same circulation discipline as your catalog campaigns require. You pay $ to send a catalog, you pay $ to send an email, both send your customer to a search engine, where you pay $ to re-acquire the customer you spent $ to mail catalogs/emails to in the first place.

This dynamic must be factored into your circulation decisions. Must be.

Hillstrom's Contact Strategy addresses this key problem - at a customer level. I don't know of a vendor/modeler in our industry who does this elegantly.

The booklet (50 pages) is now available:
The digital version is clumsy to read, of course, given that the figures in the tables are small. The print version is color, and much easier to read. 

Either read the free content on this blog, get the Kindle version, or really dig into the numbers with the $29 print version. Best of all, for a tiny little investment, you'll generate between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000 in annual profit, if you apply the principles in the booklet to a $100,000,000 business. Not bad!
Most of you don't have the resources to do the work - so here I am - at your disposal! My project workload really ramps-up in mid-March, so get your project request in early. Email me today (kevinh@minethatdata.com) to get your project in the hopper!

Or, if you work with Clario, but wish they were conducting this level of sophistication, lobby them to license my algorithm!

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