April 03, 2013

#Omnichannel Future - Channel Pairs Part 3

We're having fun, aren't we?

Sure, I get it.  It's entertaining to hear omnichannel thought leaders describe improbable versions of a gloriously digital future.

It's more appropriate, however, to analyze your own data, and make your own decisions based on how your own customers are behaving.

So let's do more of that.  Take a look at the Mobile / Retail row of the table.  These customers spent more money on mobile phones than any other channel.

Take a look at where these customers migrate, in the future.
  • Retail = 65%.
  • E-Commerce = 10%.
  • Tablets = 5%.
  • Mobile = 20%.
This tells us a lot about how we'll prioritize future strategies.  Retail, clearly, is the driver among this customer audience.  For this business, retail isn't dying.  Retail, instead, is the "sun" of this solar system.

More important, however, is the relationship between mobile and e-commerce.  Notice that, in the future, these customers spend twice as much via mobile as they spend via e-commerce.

For this customer segment, the future aligns with an in-store experience supported with mobile.  The e-commerce channel, surprisingly, is the one that is dying, not the in-store experience.

This data is readily available in your customer database.  Go analyze it!  The secrets of your business lie in your own customer database.

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