January 23, 2013

Hillstrom's Unified Commerce Ecosystem

Thought you might like to see a new presentation titled "Hillstrom's Unified Commerce Ecosystem".  The presentation builds upon the Judy/Jennifer/Jasmine framework, linking existing and emerging marketing channels with big data, omnichannel, and many other trends that folks are talking about.

If you prefer, I have a link to a PDF of the presentation ... click here to retrieve the presentation ... print the fourth page, an image of the Unified Commerce Ecosystem.

I anticipate presenting this information at numerous conferences in 2013 - demand is expected to be high.  If you're a conference organizer, contact me by clicking here.

Time for your thoughts.  What is missing?  What did I say that resonated with you?  What did I say that you believe is completely wrong?

Channels Influence What Sells

I know, I know, you are supposed to offer the same merchandise in every channel and create a frictionless omnichannel customer experience ....