August 14, 2012

Omnichannel Marketing

Yesterday, I asked all of the omnichannel marketing experts to answer hard questions about omnichannel marketing.  Here's the article (click here), for your reference.  I promised to publish any link or documentation that illustrates that omnichannel marketing yields net sales and profit increases, on an annual basis.

Certainly, if omnichannel marketing (and it's cousin, big data) is so effective, somebody would offer a link to a case study proving the effectiveness of the craft, right?

How many links did I get?


More than 5,000 marketing experts were exposed to the article.  One person on Twitter bothered to take up the omnichannel torch.  Not one person submitted a link to a case study that proves that omnichannel generates annual sales and profit.

Why, dear readers, is omnichannel marketing being rammed down our throats by the vendor community, consultants, research organizations, and conference leaders?

Maybe it is time to ask more of those who don't work in the trenches with you.  Maybe it is time for research organizations, vendors, consultants, and conference leaders to stop trying to garner eyeballs, and start focusing on ways for you to generate more profit.

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