August 15, 2012

Cyber Monday: Customer Acquisition

I know, nobody wants to think about a vendor-generated holiday when the temperature is 102 degrees and the dew point is approaching 80.

That being said, please go run a query for me:
  1. Identify all customers who purchased from your direct channel on 11/28/2011 (Cyber Monday), 11/29/2011, and 11/30/2011.
  2. Calculate the percentage of customers who are new/existing on each day.
  3. Measure the demand spent by customers on each day and by new/existing (six segments, total), from 12/1/2011 through today.  Also, calculate profit per customer.  And while you're at it, calculate the percentage of future demand sold at full price.
Since customers on 11/29 and 11/30 were not acquired/reactivated/retained via the deep discounting nature of the vendor-fueled Cyber Monday event, they may well have better long-term value.

If that's what you learn after running this query, then please ask yourself what value is crated by a vendor-fueled discounting event?

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