February 12, 2012

Dear Catalog CEOs: Valentine's Day

Dear Catalog CEOs:

Have you bought flowers yet for your spouse/partner?

Here's the thing.  Somebody decided to create an "event", and the public complied, to the tune of billions of dollars of chocolates and flowers and jewelry and cards.

An EVP recently told me that his brand had "nothing to talk about, the customer has seen it all".

Well, if you have nothing to talk about to the customer, why should the customer even care about you?

You can build upon an existing event.

You can create an event.

Or, you can do like Fab.com does ... they have sixteen events each day.  

Sixteen events every single day!

We used to plan our lives around sixteen catalogs per year ... each email campaign indirectly supported catalog mailings.

We might have to get used to a future where we have sixteen events a day, each one targeting a different customer segment.

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