January 31, 2012

Vintage Judy: Terry's Village

If you want to experience a vintage "Judy" shopping experience, go take a peek at Terry's Village (here is Quantcast data suggesting that Terry's Village is tailor-made for Judy).
  1. Catalog Quick Order is featured at the top of the page.
  2. A literal "dot whack" on the home page ... over 75 items under $20 ... Judy loves these sort of reminders that help her "focus", if you will.
  3. A sale tab ... Jasmine needs everyday low prices, Jennifer is going to hunt for the lowest price coupled with free shipping ... Judy just wants to be told where to go.
  4. Request a free catalog at the bottom of the page ... even though the entire merchandise assortment is on the website and Judy is currently visiting the website, Judy wants to know how to get a catalog with a partial merchandise assortment sent to her on a periodic basis.
  5. Security:  Judy still isn't confident in this whole e-commerce thing, so Terry's Village helps her feel comfortable ... with "Safe and Secure Shopping", an Authentic and Secure site icon, McAfee Secure Tested in the past few days, 110% lowest price guarantee, 100% customer satisfaction, and a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business link to seal the deal.
  6. No mention of Facebook.
  7. No mention of Twitter.
  8. No mention of YouTube.
  9. No mention of Google Plus.
  10. No share buttons.
Now, the social media and mobile elite will jump all over Terry's Village for a fossilized approach to commerce, and they'd be wrong if/when they did that.  This is where Judy shops.  You have to know who the heck Judy is, and you have to know what Judy wants from her shopping experience.

Study Questions:

  1. Describe the circumstances under which Jasmine would shop at Terry's Village?  Describe how Jasmine would find Terry's Village, and describe what her purchase transaction might look like, from start to finish?
  2. If an industry expert suggested that Terry's Village immediately craft a mobile shopping strategy for the Christmas 2012 shopping season, how would you respond, knowing that Judy is the customer who shops Terry's Village?
  3. If Judy is the customer currently shopping from Terry's Village, and she is assumed to be about 59 years old, what does this say about the future of Terry's Village?  In other words, what happens when Judy is 64 years old?  Or 69 years old?
  4. Instead of suggesting that "this brand is dead, long-term", pretend you are CEO of Terry's Village.  Describe your transition plan for recruiting customers in the "Jennifer" demographic.


  1. Jasmine would only come to Terry's if she is forwarded by a comparison shopping engine showing lowest price for a particular item she is looking for or she received a 10% off coupon with free shipping in email.

    In my head, Jasmine's transaction will have quite a few clearance products with an idea that she could further lower her bill using 10% off coupon and free shipping.


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