January 30, 2012

Classic Jennifer: Anna and Kristina's Grocery Bag

Here's where we misunderstand Jennifer.

Check out the tweet from Anna and Kristina last week (Twitter page ... click here for the website).
  • Tweet:  "Only a couple days left to get your official A&K Shopping Bag for 25% off! Join our FB or G+ page for disc. code.  Info: bit.ly/xqXtxs"
Now, you can pay $39.99 for this bag, or you can join their Google Plus page and get it for $29.99.

Judy is going to ask what the heck G+ is?  Then she'll frown and continue to thumb through her Terry's Village catalog.

Jasmine probably isn't going to pay $29.99 for a zippy bag anyway, she can get a $39.99 bag on Groupon for $15.00.

But Jennifer, she's going to head out to Google to see what else she can get for $29.99.  She'll search, she'll check out brands, she'll check out affiliates for coupon codes.  After all of that, she'll join the Anna & Kristina G+ page and get the bag for $29.99.

What has been accomplished?

A bag was sold at a discount.

Google earned a pair of eyeballs, allowing them to further track Jennifer's behavior.

A bunch of web analytics providers will take notice that Jennifer didn't convert, and folks will criticize you for being a dumb marketer.

Attribution wonks have a field day parsing her G+ and Google Searches and email click-throughs and affiliates visited and all that stuff.

But Jennifer "bagged" her prey.  She couldn't care less about being multi-channel.  Channels are a means to an end.  Liking Anna and Kristina on Facebook or G+ is irrelevant, it was the way that Jennifer got discounted merchandise.

Study Questions:  

  1. Anna & Kristina are giving up $10 of profit to get you, the loyal customer, to like them on Facebook or G+.  How would you recoup this $10 investment per customer in social media channels?  Please provide examples with reasonable, actionable data.
  2. Is Jennifer buying because of marketing channels, or because of discount/promotional strategy?  How would you separate the impact of marketing channels from the discount/promotional strategy employed here?
  3. What is the likelihood of this strategy working with Judy?
  4. What is the likelihood of this strategy working with Jennifer?
  5. What is the likelihood of this strategy working with Jasmine?

Code Judy, Jennifer, and Jasmine in your database!  Email me if you want me to do it for you.

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