January 02, 2012

Hillstrom's 2012 Preview

It's a new year, and that means it is time for a new booklet!!

Hillstrom's 2012 Preview is available on Amazon.com:
What do you get in this sixty page booklet?

You get a monthly primer on what you might focus on in 2012.  Each month offers something new and interesting.

Most important, I spend a few months on a new concept, called "Merchandise Forensics".  You haven't read anything about Merchandise Forensics on this blog, and I'm going to keep it that way, so that there is a purpose for this booklet.  You will get a spreadsheet that allows you to consider the importance of winning product and new products in the context of your business.  Hint: Merchandise > Channels.

So give the booklet a try, and in the process, you help enrich the lives of the shareholders at Amazon.

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