April 25, 2011

Hillstrom's Digital Profiles: An eBook

Sometimes, I get feedback that goes something little like this:
  • "I'd like to apply Digital Profiles to my business, but I cannot afford your consulting services.  How can you help me?"
Today, I offer you a solution.

For $95.00, you can download a new eBook, called "Hillstrom's Digital Profiles".
In the eBook, you'll get all of the tools necessary to create your own Digital Profiles.
  • A 40mb dataset that you can practice creating Digital Profiles with.
  • The SPSS code that creates Digital Profiles.
  • My commentary on the programming and analysis process.
Yes, I am ready for your next question.
  • "Are you insane?  I have to pay $95.00 for this?  This is 2011, stuff is free everywhere on the internet.  Why can't you give this to us for free, or for a reasonable cost like $0.99?"
If that's your question, then keep the following in mind:
  • Every detail to create your own Digital Profiles, except for the SPSS code, has been published on this site.  Simply search for Digital Profiles, and you have all of the content you want for free.  Is that a bad thing?
  • In the comments section, list all of the vendors who give away all of their trade secrets for free on a blog.  Whatever work I do for clients, I always publish details of the analysis, for free, on this blog.  I hope that is acceptable to you.
Get your corporate credit card out, and purchase the eBook.  Download the code, download the dataset, and create your own Digital Profiles.  Then apply what you've learned with your own data!


  1. Anonymous9:56 PM


    A few questions:

    * Do you find that you have readership that understand how to execute/use SPSS?
    * (Similar to above) Do you find CEO's know SPSS - I'd think no, but many of your posts are directed at CEO's
    * Can you point to resources for someone who was interested in SPSS (or other tools you may use)?

  2. Question #1: Yes, I have readership that understand how to execute and use SPSS. Many readers use SPSS or SAS, if you know one, you can write the other language fairly easily. In fact, the majority of my analytics audience (non web analysts, that is) know either SAS or SPSS.

    Question #2: No, CEOs don't know SPSS. And yes, many posts are directed at CEOs. I write to CEOs because they hire me. I write to analysts to teach them how to analyze things.

    Question #3: Google, various message boards, and Twitter are places to go to learn more about SPSS. Again, I'd lump SPSS and SAS together, that significantly broadens your pool of resources.


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