April 24, 2011

Gliebers Dresses: Catalogs on Trial eBook

Ok, it is time for our experiment to begin!

Gliebers Dresses:  Catalogs on Trial is now available as an eBook ... a 70 page eBook that explores how our favorite Executive Team defends a business model ... the catalog business model.
I can hear the complaints right now.  "I don't have an ebook reader, why can't this be in print?"
You read my daily missives digitally, not in print, right?  You don't complain about blog posts not being in print.  So download the Kindle program for your PC, pay $0.99 (cheaper than $7.95 or $19.95, more money in your pocket), and read the eBook!

During the next two weeks, we'll chat about the themes in the book, and how the themes relate to your business.


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