March 09, 2011


Dear MineThatData Nation:

For the past five years, you've enjoyed a lot of free information (more than most vendors would provide), and many of you paid a reasonable sum to me, in exchange for big-time profit opportunities.

Now, I'd like to present an opportunity where you can help me ... so that I can help you ... contact me if you're interested by clicking here.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

The experts will tell you that Shopping Cart Abandonment is one of the biggest issues plaguing the e-commerce industry.  Cart Abandonment programs have been proven to recapture business that may otherwise be lost.  Heck, we all know, intuitively, that if we can eliminate customer indecision, we can grow sales and profit, right?

We use shopping cart abandonment percentages to gauge how effective we are at converting a customer to a purchase.  This is a good metric, in most cases --- and given how easy it is to calculate, it is a great metric.

But we can do better.

A New Product:  Chronic Cart Analysis

I believe I am close to finalizing an algorithm that creates a metric, called "Chronic Cart".  This metric assesses shopping cart abandonment issues at a customer level.  The metric, to be determined (a percentage, a grade, an index), assesses customer issues that cloud shopping cart abandonment.  

Here are examples of "chronic cart" problems.
  • A high overall abandonment rate.
  • Customer places item in cart, does not visit again.
  • All customer segments abandon carts at high rates, across the board.
  • Customer purchases after abandoning shopping cart and then receives trigger-based e-mail with discount opportunity.
  • Out of 100,000 visitors, only 1,000 visitors abandon carts on a frequent basis, resulting in an over-inflated cart abandonment rate.
Here is an example of healthy customer behavior, an example not subject to "chronic cart".
  • Customer visits five times, puts item in cart on visit three, purchases on visit five.
The algorithm and index that I'm close to finalizing accounts for these issues, describing for you if you have "chronic cart" problems.  The algorithm/index reviews customer behavior over time, in order to calculate the index.

Here's Where I Need Your Help!

I am looking for two volunteers to forward online data from your web analytics platform to me for a free analysis.  In exchange, I will run the "Chronic Cart" analysis for you.  I promise to not publicly disclose your proprietary results.  You will receive a brief report, outlining the algorithm, index, and project outcome.  If you have a "Chronic Cart" problem, you will receive a file of "cookies" or household_ids that possess a "Chronic Cart" problem, so that you may take any desired marketing action with these customers.

Interested In A Free Analysis?

Contact me right now!  I'm confident we'll get a couple of volunteers in short order, so get your request in now --- I fully anticipate Chronic Cart to become a popular product in the near future that folks will be charged for, so this is a great opportunity!

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