December 27, 2011

It's 10:47am, Did Cuddledown of Maine Run Out of Sheets in the Past Half-Hour?

If there is anything that mobile taught us in 2011, it is the simple fact that mobile matters when there is something in it for the customer.

I like to use "Cuddledown of Maine" as an example, not because I work with them (I never have), but because they offer a really solid reference point for the rest of us to consider.

So let's consider them.

Under what circumstance would mobile help you purchase 400 Thread Count Sateen Meridian Print Bedding?  Be honest!  And once you identify the circumstances, how many target customers at Cuddledown of Maine meet that criteria?

In 2011, mobile worked when there were significant price discounts offered, or there was some sense of urgency (think eBay).

Keep that in mind as folks tell you that "mobile changes everything" in 2012.  What is the problem that mobile solves for your business?

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