December 19, 2010

Hillstrom's Catalog Marketing PhD Is Now Available!!

As I mentioned, Dear Catalog CEOs, I have not forgotten about you!

Today, I am going to offer you one of the biggest profit opportunities you'll find in our industry ... for just $7.95 in print, and digitally for $2.99.

But there is a warning ...
Hillstrom's Catalog Marketing PhD offers a doctorate program in multi-channel catalog mailing strategy for highly advanced catalog marketers ... that's you, right?!

This 42 page booklet accurately describes the highly popular methodology I use with my catalog clients to determine the optimal number of catalogs to mail to any customer on an annual basis.  

If you take the garden-variety $100,000,000/year catalog/online business that generates $5,000,000 of annual profit, and you apply the techniques outlined in this book, you'll have the potential to increase annual profit by about $1,000,000, plus/minus.  There's nothing wrong with that, now is there?!

Here's what you get:
  • An overview of Digital Profiles, and an illustration of how they are incorporated into the scoring process.
  • Explanation of the Regression procedure used to score the probability of buying merchandise on an annual basis.
  • Explanation of the Regression procedure used to predict how much each customer will spend, on an annual basis.
  • An overview of the Regression procedure used to predict the "Organic Percentage", the most important metric in the catalog industry.
  • An overview of the Algorithm used to determine the optimal number of catalogs to send to a customer on an annual basis.
  • An overview of the actual computation used to assign the optimal number of catalogs to send to each individual customer in your database.
  • Tables that illustrate how we calculate the overall increase in profitability using this methodology.
Ask your friends at Abacus, Experian, your favorite Co-Op, or your favorite List Organization if they are willing to sell you all of their secrets for just $7.95 in print, $2.99 via digital download?  They'd never do that!

And yet, I'm making that opportunity available to you today.  Pick up your copy now:
If you find that you don't have the resources to implement this methodology, contact me right now, and I'll execute a project for you!


  1. Thanks Kevin - sounds like a great deal. Shame it's not on UK Amazon, ordered via US but will have to wait 20-35 days for delivery. Maybe I should buy an iPad too.

  2. My apologies, Jonathan ... I use Amazon's Createspace service to publish the books, and would prefer a simpler process to make the books available in the UK. Physical books require me to have a UK bank account, digital versions of books do not.

  3. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Amazon is clearly underpromising. I just checked and mine is supposed to arrive on the 29th of January but got it on the 5th. Ordered on 20th of December.

    While I was on there, I buy 1 book a year from, always by the same author. I wonder how they target me in 2011.


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