November 24, 2010

Hillstrom's 2011 Almanac: PRINT VERSION IS AVAILABLE!!!

Take advantage of Black Friday by picking up your copy of Hillstrom's 2011 Almanac!!

The print version of the book is now available on!!!!  Click here to take a peek, and to buy the book on Amazon.  The print price is $14.95.

A digital version is available for $7.95.
Three samples are available for your browsing pleasure.
You get 365 tips to improve your marketing, analytics, and leadership programs, one tip per day for each day during 2011.  How do you beat that?

Purchase the print version today, and you'll have your book in time for the all-important Cyber Monday e-commerce holiday.  And Hillstrom's 2011 Almanac makes a perfect stocking stuffer!

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