May 04, 2009

Online Buyers: An Easy Catalog Circulation Tip To Save Money

Catalog marketers looking to reduce expense often decide to not mail catalogs to online buyers.

This can be a challenge, because so many of those matchback algorithms suggest the catalog played a role in the online order (though we can not prove the catalog caused the order).

When I'm conducting a Multichannel Forensics analysis, I like to categorize every one of the 365 days of the year as a "catalog day" or an "online day". In other words, I sort every day based on sales totals ... days where telephone orders are dominant are called "catalog days". Days where telephone orders are not dominant are called "online days".

Not surprisingly, online buyers purchasing on "online days" are less responsive to catalog marketing than are online buyers purchasing on "catalog days". Toss in Google activity or e-mail activity, and you've got a recipe for catalog cost savings!

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