April 14, 2009


Very interesting comments from leadership.

For our direct marketing and social media readers, enjoy the following two paragraphs:

Look, we’re doing some very innovative things that frankly aren’t a huge investment but creates some great buzz. So obviously we are thrilled that Michelle Obama engaged in the brand. We ran a really great contest for Valentine’s Day. We really are using things, even like Facebook and blogs and outreach programs that are very different for this brand, in order to attract a new customer in. And we will continue on the reactivation side. We are really prioritizing consumer facing spend.

In terms of catalogue circulation, the one part of our circulation that wasn’t successful in 2008 was really the amount that we had invested in prospecting circulation. We got much better results with reactivation. So we have rationalized that for 2009. We have brought our circulation down in terms of not doing as much prospecting circulation. We will use these grass roots efforts to attract a brand new customer in and we will prioritize our spend with the house file and with the reactivation circulation.


  1. Good point on the saving grace of creativity, and it does necessarily place consumers at risk. Thanks for this info, it should help us develop better buzz materials in the future.


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