April 13, 2009

SNL Skit: The Alliance Of Direct Mail Marketers

If you've been looking for a link to the Saturday Night Live video (The Alliance Of Direct Mail Marketers) that takes potshots at folks like Dell, Radio Shack, Victoria's Secret, and Sharper Image, you've come to the right source.

http://videocafe.crooksandliars.com/media/play/wmv/7843/ Windows Media Player
http://videocafe.crooksandliars.com/media/play/qt/7843/ Quicktime.

Fortunately, it only takes a small amount of electricity (generated from non-renewable clean coal), to allow millions to watch SNL skits on TVs and computers. And the plastics used to make televisions and computers and servers only require the harvesting and processing of modest amounts of oil ... a non-renewable resource that has been linked by some to climate change. Fortunately, that kind of stuff can be smoothed over by a branding campaign that features a "green" NBC peacock in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Do your part to save the planet, just don't turn your TV off. And according to Wikipedia, GE (NBC's parent) is the fourth largest corporate producer of pollutants in the United States, based on 2000 data.

Or maybe the whole skit is just well done and funny.


  1. Anonymous9:10 AM

    SNL hit the nail on the head. direct marketers are the scum of the Earth.

  2. Folks, if you're going to leave comments like this, at least have the courtesy to share who you are and the company you work for with us.

    I always encourage an open dialogue here --- but I do ask that you have the courage to put a name and face behind your opinions.

    In fact, by leaving your company name, you give the readers an opportunity to determine if the industry you work in is always ethical.

  3. EveryOneElseOnEarth10:45 AM

    Why don't you try making a living doing something a little more respectable like maybe start a pyramid scheme that prays on seniors or maybe steal the coins out of the March-of-Dimes kiosks on convince store counters.

  4. Thank you EveryOneElseOnEarth for your feedback.

  5. I still have a that Jon Bovi skit spinning in my head like a bad record that just wont quit!

    Pardon my name Kevin.
    Thanks for giving us space to be free.

  6. Kevin: Has John Greco responded to this skit? Seems like the DMA would say something. You gotta admit, it was pretty funny. That is the feedback that I have gotten from my direct marketing contacts.

  7. I'm not aware of a response. And yes, the video is very funny and very well done.

  8. Did you really go global warming on SNL?

    I'm offened by skit lumping us in with the junk mail credit card "marketers".

  9. Thank you for your feedback, Matt. Sorry that you are offended. It's fun when SNL offends people, as long as it isn't either of us.


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