January 20, 2009

Zip Code Forensics: Version 2 Is Free And Now Available

I welcome all of the companies that volunteered anonymous zip code sales data during the past three months. Your contributions result in an improved version of B2C Zip Code Forensics!

If you are interested in participating in Zip Code Forensics, at no cost, please download the following documents.
And by the way, what do you notice about urban/suburban/rural zips in Washington? Most of the Seattle/Tacoma and Spokane area is green (e-commerce). Most of the zips in the Cascades and Rockies (rural) are orange (catalog focused). Keep thinking about this urban/suburban/rural thing, and the place for catalogs in the future of direct marketing.

Test results from our participants indicate that if a cataloger only mails the Catalog Crazies and Online Bliss segments, the quantity in the RFM segment or outside list will be reduced by about 75%, with improvements in performance of between 7% and 20%.

There aren't many folks offering you the ability to improve your marketing efforts at no cost --- and the algorithm suggests that the more participants we get, the better the algorithm performs!

So join us ... contact me for information on how to participate, for free!

And B2B marketers --- we're very close to having a version of Zip Code Forensics that works in a reliable way for your channel. We need a few more participants to make this work well!

Here are the six segments:
  1. Catalog Crazies: The most productive traditional direct marketing zip codes.
  2. Catalog Fans: Average performing traditional direct marketing zips.
  3. Catalog Preference: Marginal performing traditional direct marketing zips.
  4. Online Preference: Marginal performing e-commerce zips.
  5. Online Spend: Average performing e-commerce zips.
  6. Online Bliss: The most productive e-commerce zips.


  1. Love the blog, thought you might think this was cool.


  2. That site is pretty neat!


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